Student Opportunities

I am always interested in recruiting graduate and undergraduate students, and postdocs, to join my lab. Students and postdocs in the Vanni lab work on projects on watershed-lake interactions, food webs, nutrient cycling, ecological stoichiometry, and many other topics. See the “People” page for some current and former student projects.

Opportunities for Graduate Students

K0218 Ecology Reseach Center
Ashley Mickens and Tanner Williamson sampling mesocosms at Miami’s Ecology Research Center

I accept both Masters and PhD students. Most of my PhD students are in the Ecology, Evolution, and Environmental Biology (EEEB) program, but we also offer a PhD in Biology. My Master’s students usually earn an MS degree in Biology (EEEB does not offer a Master’s degree). All students admitted into MS and PhD programs in Biology/EEEB are guaranteed teaching and/or research assistantships for the duration of their graduate studies. I also encourage my students to apply for fellowships from NSF and other agencies/foundations.

Opportunities for Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate students are an important part of my lab, and participate in both field and lab work. While most students working with me are majoring in some area of natural science, students from many majors have worked in my lab, literally from Anthropology to Zoology. Some students start working in my lab as early as first year, while others join my lab junior year (starting as a senior is discouraged).

K1419 Acton Lake Biology Research Water Sampling
Isabelle, Ashley, Ferdos, and Dr. Vanni sampling zooplankton in Acton Lake

Undergraduates can gain a variety of experiences in my lab, depending on interests. Some students work as paid hourly employees, assisting my graduate students and me with research. Many students also pursue their own research projects, and some students publish their research as author or co-author. Many of my students also obtain summer internships to conduct research in my lab, for example through Miami’s Undergraduate Summer Scholars (USS) Program and Miami’s .

Opportunities for Postdocs

Opportunities for postdocs depend somewhat on funding, and are advertised internationally. In addition, I welcome finishing PhD students who would like to seek their own funding to do postdoctoral research with me via fellowships or other sources.