Graduate Students:

Carrie Ann Sharitt DSC_0320copy

I am a Master’s student in the Vanni lab. My master’s research will examine the nutrient contents of egestion from gizzard shad, bluegill, and largemouth bass.




K0218 Ecology Reseach CenterTanner Williamson

I am currently a doctoral candidate in Mike Vanni’s lab. I am interested in coupled aquatic biogeochemical cycles, especially at the intersection of metabolic theory and stoichiometric ecology. To date, the bulk of my research has asked metabolic and stoichiometric questions within the context of climate and land use change. My previous MS research with Wyatt Cross at Montana State University focused on how warming altered patterns of nutrient uptake, nutrient storage and ecosystem metabolism in small streams. My current PHD research explores nutrient cycling and metabolic questions in a eutrophic reservoir in the Midwestern US (Acton Lake, southwestern OH). I am particularly interested in how episodic perturbations, particularly storm events, modulate spatial and temporal patterns of lake nutrient cycling, metabolism and ecosystem resilience.

Undergraduate Students:

FAFerdos Abdulkader 

I am a Junior, Kinesiology major with the intention of going to medical school. I was part of the lab during the summer, as an REU supplement.  I assisted in the lab by collecting lake and gauging station samples, and core samples. I am now working on long term fish data, collected from Acton.



Isabelle Anderson isabellelab.png

I am a senior finishing up my BS in Biology. I’ve worked in the Vanni lab for just over a year now and this past summer I conducted an independent research project as an Undergraduate Summer Scholar (USS) student. My project focuses on the seasonal transition from phosphorus to nitrogen limitation of phytoplankton communities found in Acton Lake, and how different phytoplankton groups are limited by N or P, and by different N forms (ammonium vs nitrate).


SHSamantha Hartzell  

I am a junior majoring in Zoology. I have an interest in ecology, and am exploring the various career options in the field. I help out around the lab by running samples through the Fluoroprobe, doing data entry, and filtering water samples among other things.




Annie KleinAK

I am a sophomore majoring in Zoology and co-majoring in Environmental Science. I am currently filtering water samples taken from Acton Lake in Hueston Woods State Park. I also help out with anything else that needs to be done in the lab!




Ashley Mickens


I am a Junior Environmental Earth Science and Sustainability Major who is interested in aquatic ecology and nutrient cycling. I assist in the lab with general tasks such as filtering water from lake sampling and gauging stations. I also conducted research through the university’s REU program last summer on denitrification in Acton Lake and how the transformation of nitrogen in sediment could impact the ecosystem.  Currently, I am working on processing and analyzing the data from the summer and will present it at several upcoming conferences.